Cake. A delicious invention with a rich and long history. Today we know many types of cakes with countless variations that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding of critics. It is reassuring to know that no matter where we are, a cake shop is always just around a corner. Also in Amsterdam.

You may be a tourist admiring the enticing network of canals, dikes, and historical red-bricked houses. A business person with a bit of free time on your hands. Or a born-and-bred Amsterdamer. At one point, everyone wants a cake. And with that simple and innocent desire comes a great burden. Where is the nearest pastry shop? What kind of cake do you want? A series of decisions has to be made. And you better think it through, otherwise the disappointment will be unbearable.

Our mission is to help you to easily overcome the cake-related dilemmas in Amsterdam. We took it upon ourselves to systematically search for cakes in Amsterdam, to taste them, and prepare an objective report for each and every one of them. Location of the pastry shop, the taste of a cake, its look and price—everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your next best cake experience is stored on the Cake Monsters. Are you tired or impatient and want to find the closest place with cakes? Use the “Cake places” menu. Craving for a carrot cake? Or a creamy cheese cake that melts in your mouth? The “Cake types” menu will lead you to the cake of your dreams.

Naturally, Amsterdam harbors many places with cakes. Pastry shops, cafes, general stores, restaurants—it is no wonder that our database is far from complete. But our list of reviewed cakes is steadily growing through our sacrifice; through raised eyebrows and exclamations of approval; and through layers of chocolate and frostings.

Enough of small talk—it’s time for cakes!