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Cake review: Carrot cake – Betty Blue

Cake time: 10. 03. 2019

The Betty Blue’s carrot cake comes in big, massive slices. But eating them is, forgive the pun, a piece of cake. The cake has a granulated, moisture texture in which pieces of carrot and raisins—yes, there is a fair amount of raisins in this cake!—are clearly visible among the cake crumbs. The cake is not very sweet, but a royal quantity of sweet, creamy frosting makes up for it. A thin layer of the frosting, its taste enriched by a hint of lime, also separates two layers of cake, making for a balanced overall taste. The cake is decorated with tiny pieces of lime peel and sliced almonds.

It is one of the best carrot cakes out there. The only downside might be that, in an extremely unlucky visit, you get a slice that is not entirely fresh and therefore slightly dry.